Thank You, Susan Boyle


November 2015

On behalf of the 99% of people who watched your stunning performance on Britain’s Got Talent in 2009, let me extend a heartfelt and enthusiastic “thank you”. In your debut performance, you didn’t just sing a song or dream a dream; you, in your ordinary manner, stood before the world and sang in a way that still shakes the ground on which we middle-aged folks live.

For those of us of “a certain age” who go about our daily, invisible lives, working and caring for children or spouses or older parents, for those of us whose dreams may have been sidelined, shelved or even forgotten, you stood up there and proved to the audience and to the world that, in fact, that our dreams can be resurrected, reshaped or redefined. Your performance coincided with the beginning of my column, and watching you sing encouraged me to keep writing even though I just entered my sixth decade.

You, with the courage of a Daniel, stood up there and sang a song of unrequited love…and unrequited life. Many of us around your age live unrequited lives. Many of us are like what Oliver Wendell Holmes wrote in “The Voiceless”: Alas for those that never sing, But die with all their music in them. You shook us awake and reminded us that there is still music in us. You encouraged us with your “cheeky” grinned personality, to keep dreaming and start realizing those dreams. You reminded us that there is still a lot of life out there to live.

Thank you for having the guts to go in front of the world and sing. Thank you for singing that poignant song that reverberates into all of our beings. Thank you for being a great singer.  We can all relate to you because you are one of us regular people sans the voice. We are happy for you and your success. Now, you are not only like Elaine Paige, but you also were able to sing with her. How cool is that!

Thank you, again, Susan.