Thank You, Steve Kerr

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Yesterday, I appealed to you in my blog to spare me a Game Seven. The past two months of playoffs and finals have taken a toll on me. I was getting too emotionally involved, and getting pasty looking from so many Tums. So, in the wake of the Warriors win last night, I want to thank you from the bottom of my stomach.

Last night’s game started off well, you guys were hitting on all eights. No need to grab the Tums. It was time to bring the hammer down. Curry’s flow was nice and smooth, Andre was  hitting the J’s and Klay, Draymond and Harrison were all in sync. You guys were looking good. Up 11 at the end of the first, and my blood pressure was stable.

Enter second quarter, we just couldn’t gain that 50 point lead I wanted to feel secure. Those Cavaliers, lead by the greatest player in the known and inhabited world, perked up and snuffed our lead to 2 by end of the first half. I thought I made it clear in my blog that I was very comfortable with a good 10 point lead. I guess you didn’t get the memo. I can’t do a game seven, Steve. So, I went for a ride. I needed some ocean air and time to put the NBA Finals in perspective. It’s only a game…I think they can…it’s only a game…I think they can, like the Little Blue {and Yellow} Engine.

The third quarter was underway when I returned. The Dubs were up by ten. The memo must’ve gone through. The momentum began to increase and so did our lead. We were relaxing over here, it was looking good. We might win it tonight. We just needed to hold the lead.

The Cavs were getting tired in the fourth, and all the Dubs needed to do was maintain the status quo of a 10 point lead or more. But, wait, LeBron, the greatest player in the known and inhabited world, grabbed a pass and sailed down the court and violently slam dunked a two. No big hoopla, but the wind was changing and the Cavs got a whiff of possible victory. J.R. Smith plunked down a couple three balls. The Tums were tumbling out of the stupid, new plastic container. NO GAME SEVEN, PLEASE!!

But, just as the wind appeared to change in favor of the Cavs, it was a fickle wind, and Steph and Andre responded with a plethora of baskets. Shaun Livingston was making critical plays that enabled Steph to control the momentum to victory.

Today I was excited about the win. Last night, I was exhausted. I felt like I played those games against the Pelicans, the Grizzlies, the Rockets and finally, Cleveland’s Cavaliers. I hope you all enjoy your victory, and continue to give the Bay Area great playing basketball. Thank you, again, for eliminating game seven.

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