Once upon a midday dreary, I dropped my daughter in the livery, for a trip on a ship.
The Balclutha!

Eager her mates were to greet her, a quick pic for me they rendered, before the trip to the ship.
The Balclutha!!

Dashed they down to the dock, where they assembled lock and stock, for the trip on the ship.
The Balclutha!

From bow to stern, and hull to mast, the little crew stood aghast. At the barque known as
the Balclutha!

Gently moored at Hyde Street’s door, this tall ship remains ashore. The adventures locked forevermore on
the Balclutha.

Ten and four score minutes was the shift for the novitiates. That night on the barque.
The Balclutha!

No squall, no storm, no gale, no gusts, just the gentle lapping at the husks was the shift upon the barque.
The Balclutha!

Silence broken by barking seals and Ghirardelli blinking very near were the highlights of the trip upon the ship.
The Balclutha!

Now, the crew has dispersed, but they remain fully immersed in the memory of the trip. On the ship.
The Balclutha!

About my blog: I am a mom of 10 kids living in Pacifica. The name of my blog, “From the Shoe”, is swiped from Cheaper By The Dozen’s Lillian Gilbreth’s summer newsletter. The “shoe” reference is to the children’s’ nursery rhyme. I mix humor and philosophical musings with everyday events. I hope you like it. From the Shoe artwork by Alec Maloney.

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